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Children are not vessels to be filled but lamps to be lit.
- Swami Chinmayananda

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Apr 25, 2021 - Kindergarten (Sunday AM)

Hari Om Parents!

Today was the twentyfirst class of Balavihar!! Here is the summary of what we covered in class today:

After everyone joined the Zoom session:

1.  We started the class with Opening prayers. The opening prayers were led by three kids who chanted Om three times and then chanted Sahana vavatu and we all joined. 

2.  Some of the kids sang the bhajans we learnt so far- Ganesh, Krishna and Hanuman.

3. As we completed learning all the alphabets in the vedantic way,  For today's class we made the kids practice for the Monthly play.

4.  We practiced the Ram Bhajan and couple of kids sang independently.

Selvi and Mahalakshmi