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Children are not vessels to be filled but lamps to be lit.
- Swami Chinmayananda

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Feb 28, 2021 - KG (Sunday PM)

Hari Om Parents,

Welcome to week 16 of Balavihar 2020-2021 KG Sunday PM session. Today we were delighted to welcome Aayaan and his parents, into our balavihar family and Sunday PM KG session. We had a full class today and enthusiastic participation from our children, having fun with Yoga poses, listening to the wonderful turnip story and discussing the importance of Xcellence & Yagna

 Weekly Update

Feb 28th 2021 / 12:45 PM

Today's Activities (Class Deck for Feb 28, 2021)

  1. Om Chanting

  2. Guru Stotram (Lead by Abhinav)

om saha navavatu,

saha nau bhunaktu,

saha víryam karavavahai,

tejasvinavadh√≠tamastu ma 


om shanti shanti shantih


  1. The children are now excited to lead the slokas by themselves. Just some more practice and they are going to take over this section from us teachers.

KaraAgre Vasate Lakshmi, 

Kara-Madhye Saraswati

Kara-Moole Sthitaa Gowri, 

Mangalam Kara-Darshanam


Eka Dantam,Maha Kayam

Lambho Daram Gajananam

Vighna Nasham Karam Devam

Herambam Pranamamyaham


Saraswati Namastubhyam

Varade Kaama Roopini

Vidyaarambham Karishyami

Siddhir-bhavatu me sadaa


Mukam Karoti Vacalam

Pangum Langhayate Girim,

Yat-Kripa tam-aham vande



Ramaya Ramabhadraya

Ramachandraya Vedhase

Raghunathaya Nathaya

Sitayah Pataye Namah



  1. We continued our Yoga / Exercise break, with one additional pose. We hope you can practice them with your child at home as well

  1. Given a slightly truncated class due to Gr 7 performance, we reviewed all the alphabets starting from O-Obedience. But we request the parents to please use the slide deck and practive everything from A through Y.  

  2. We covered two new alphabets today

    1. X - Xcellence: We discussed the meaning of the word and how it applies to the kids. How they can Excel by taking more effort doing homework, studying for test, helping parents with house chores. And then we also discussed Thomas Edison's story of thousands of failed experiments, but then finally inventing the electric bulb and how it is now a main part of our day to day life. How one should remain positive even at time of failure is achieving a goal and use it to as a learning experience to put more effort

    2. Y - Yagna: We discussed the two different uses of the word Yagna (ritual & team work as a group to achieve something or serve community). We saw this story first and then discussed how the entire family of the farmer joined together in the effort to pull out the turnip, including finally an additional effort by a tiny mouse made the difference.

  3. We then took a coloring break for Y. 

  1. We then switched the sessions to join the Grade 7 Sunday PM performance and wrapped up with pledge

Next Session Agenda

  1. We will revise 4 verses of Geeta chanting and proceed to verse 5&6. We are ok to offer additional 1-1 classes during the week if their children want to spend extra time learning the Geeta Chanting verses. Parents can reach out to us in our whatsapp group

  2. Alphabets: We will proceed to Z, P & Q.

  3. For the nest class, please print and have the following slides from this PDF document ready for next week's session: 

    1. Slide# 49

Reminder & Activities for home

  1. Please practice reciting the prayers & slokas. All these are available in this slide deck

  2. Please Practice Geeta Chanting using the video links shared earlier (Geeta Chanting Introduction Video, Verse #1, 2, 3 & 4).

  3. Children can color page #48 (Z) at home during this week, if they would like to.



Rajesh Jayakumar

Ulka Powar